The Ascetical Way of Life in St Isaac the Syrian’s Writings


  • Agapie Corbu "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad



Isaac the Syrian, monasticism, Syriac mysticism, ascetical terminology, degrees of spiritual life, patristics


The present study deals with a theme of spirituality frequently found in the writings of St. Isaac the Syrian, namely the idea of “way of life” (Syr. ܕܘܒܪܐ – dubara). Essential to understand the whole of his theology, this theme is treated in a manner little used until recently, but which is now becoming established in current academic research on Isaac, namely by appeal to his Syriac texts. This is achieved practically by pointing out the meanings of the Syriac term dubaraand its Greek translation by politeia. The paper makes important clarifications of Isaac's terminology, and the novelty is that it highlights the connection between the text and the ascetical practices to which it refers. To this end, the study also presents the ideational synonyms of the Syriac term in question, as well as the various theological expressions in which it appears.

Author Biography

Agapie Corbu, "Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad

Hieromonk, Faculty of Theology




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Corbu, A. (2023). The Ascetical Way of Life in St Isaac the Syrian’s Writings. Diakrisis Yearbook of Theology and Philosophy, 6, 79–88.