Faith as Experience

A Theo-Phenomenological Approach




Faith, Orthodox spirituality, religious experience, Eastern Orthodox Church, theo-phenomenology


This text proposes an analysis of the phenomenon of faith in the tradition and spirituality of the Eastern Church. Starting from the relationship between phenomenology and theology, the article uses a theo-phenomenological method to depict the phenomenon of faith both theologically and phenomenologically. This article also argues that non-religious faith—either natural or philosophical—is the foundation of religious faith. According to Orthodox spirituality, faith is not reduced to a set of theoretical teachings and dogmas; they constitute only the first type of faith, “simple faith”. At the same time, faith is also a form of experience, which has ascetical, ethical, and mystical dimensions; they characterize the second type of faith, faith as contemplative sight and knowledge.

Author Biography

Nicolae Turcan, Babes-Bolyai University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Orthodox Theology




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Turcan, N. (2023). Faith as Experience: A Theo-Phenomenological Approach. Diakrisis Yearbook of Theology and Philosophy, 6, 49–63.